About us

We are suppliers of specialty construction products to Lebanon and the Middle-east.
We provide creative, esthetic and technically performing solutions to the construction industry.

Along with our international associates, we supply a mix of experience and innovation.
We propose tailor-made solutions adapted to client needs.
We act either as suppliers, suppliers-manufacturers or turn-key subcontractors.

Our commitment to excellence, flexibility and effort to meet specific client requirements make of us a customer-driven company, building long-term repeat relationships with the professionals and clients with whom we have the privilege to work.

Our principal managers are:

General Manager
M.S. Industrial Engineering and Engineering management
Stanford University
B.E, Mechanical Engineering ,
American University of Beirut
Experience in project management and material applications.

Financial Manager
American University of Beirut
License en Sciences Economiques
Universite St Joseph Beyrouth
Wide experience in banking, finance & industry

Technical Manager
B.E., Civil Engineering
Hautes Etudes Industrielles – Lilles – France
Extensive experience in construction and project management. Saudi Arabia & Lebanon

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