Composite wood , made with a 60% wood fibers and a 30% high density polyethylene mix,  are resistant to insects attack, highly durable , strong and lightweight. It’s a 100% recycled product that respects the environment.

The range of wood composite Xyltech is available in two different qualities and several profiles. Blades Reverso and Natural and Unico are available in residential quality.

Perfectly adapted to residential applications from decks to garden alleys to non structural applications such as garden furniture.

Xyltech Reverso / Natural/ Unico is highly resistant to decay very durable strong and light weight. It doesn’t splinter or fade.

The blades Robusto and Havana are available in the professionnal quality. Very high abresion resistance, reiforced structure intended for high traffic, high density areas as well as public places such as community parcs and gardens.



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